Knowledge, and the search for it are the driving forces in my life. Since I was a boy, I've built things, and taken things apart in order to understand the essence of process.

    I am in constant motion.

    My design process is fueled with versatility, intuition, and insight into the images and spaces that surround us. I've traveled the world & the internet extensively, collecting experiences and understanding, both of which I call on with every design problem I face.

    My formal design education began at Humber College, where I studied Multimedia Design. Here I learned vital technical skills in a wide range of software and platforms that gave me the means to communicate my messages with moving and static images, sound and type.

    Since then, I've revised and refined my skills with unrelenting ambition. I then studied Architecture and Philosophy at the University of Toronto, where I gained a deep understanding of spatial communication, conceptual design, and cultural critique.

    My visual communication skills became three dimensional. The number of design solutions, exponential.

    My unwavering passion for work, energy to deliver, and my highly competitive nature are my greatest strengths. My primary goal is to produce exceptional work with extraordinary people.