Knowledge, and the search for it is the driving force in my life. Since I was a boy, I've built things, and taken things apart in order to understand process.

    My name is Eric Michael Moran, and I am a graphic designer living and working in Toronto, Canada. I am highly influenced and inspired by advertising and it's relentless ability to convey messages through images and perception.

    My design process is fueled with versatility, intuition, and insight into the images and spaces that surround us.

    I've traveled the world & the internet extensively, collecting experiences and understanding, to which I call on with every design problem I face.

    My formal design education began at Humber College, where I studied Multimedia Design. Here I learned vital technical skills in a wide range of software and platforms that gave me the means to communicate my message with images and type.

    Since then, I've revised and refined my skills with unrelenting ambition.

    In 2009, I began studying Architecture & Communications at the University of Toronto. I gained a deep understanding of spatial communication and theoretical design principals.

    My visual communication skills became three dimensional. The number of design solutions were now exponential.

    My unwavering passion for work and my highly competitive nature are my greatest strengths. My primary goal is to surround myself with people that feel the same.

    • June 2013

      Mike Rita Comedy Special.
      Production Begins

    • April 2013

      New Gear; Canon 5d Mark II.

    • March 2013

      Orange Studios. Fruit Shoot Promo.

    • March 2013

      30th Street Studios Branding.

    • December 2012

      Job - Podalmighty | Art Director.

    • November 2012

      Featured on America Online.

    • September 2012

      Post Script Pro - iOS App Interface.

    • June 2012

      Prague / Berlin / Amsterdam Art Trip

    • February 2012

      Greygoose Vodka Design Contest Entry.

    • January 2012

      Travel Strategies Event Collateral.

    • December 2011

      Job - Assante Wealth Management | Graphic Designer.

    • March 2009

      Citylife Magazine Launch.

    • January 2009

      Education - University of Toronto - Architecture.

    Graphic Design

    12 years of formal design experience. Graphic Design diploma from Humber. Specialties include Branding and Typographic pieces. Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign expert.

    Film Direction

    Well versed in film production, direction, and editing. Tools include a Canon 5D Mark II, Adobe Premiere, Custom Rig, Steady Cam, and Slider.

    Motion Graphics

    Self taught Motion Graphics artist. Specializing in After Effects, and Plug-Ins including Plexux 2, Element 3d, and Optical Flares. Projects include Title & Credit sequences, Compositing, and Stylized Transitions.

    Interface Design

    Tech Savvy, with 20 years computing experience. UX Design knowledge and Intuition. Specialities include Web Design and Mobile Application Interfaces, built in Photoshop, Illustrator and Dreamweaver.

    Web Design

    Know my way around front-end development. Self taught development knowledge in Responsive Design, CSS3, and HTML5. Intermediate level and building.

    Sound Imaging

    5 years of Electronic Djing gave me an ear for sampling and mixing. I specialize in radio ad spots, stingers, and podcast production. Tools include Zoom Recorder, Mics, Adobe Audition, and Propellerhead Reason.


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